Dear Emily – StoryMOOC final task

Dear Emily,

Dear Emily,
I’m about to leave the last port from Inishbofin. The captain has not told us where we are sailing exactly, but I saw huge harpoons on the ship’s hold. It will be a cold winter and I will miss you at sea. I hope this has to be the last voyage I have to make as I have grown tired of our captain and his methods. Give all my love to Marcus and Ellie, since there is not a day I do not think about you.


Dear Emily,

We have been sailing north for ten days now. We lost three men in the last storm, and one more that fell overboard and died from the fever. The nights are longer every day. The clouds are thicker and so is the water. We have not seen a single fish, just the ice and clouds that blend in the horizon. The captain insists in sailing north, but every day we have more doubts about his sanity.

If you get this letter, know that I love you.


Dear Emily,

I have not seen the light of day in a week. I don’t know if you will ever receive this letter, but thinking of you keeps me alive. We crashed on the rocks following a huge whale, bigger than the Galway cathedral, when it disappeared through the mist. The captain was impaled by a harpoon in the ice. We are only five now, and I saw madness in their eyes. The hunger is greater every moment, and I feel that I must run away before I lose the sanity within me.

I love you Emily, and I hope you can forgive me for not coming back.

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